How to Close an Investor Leads Program

How to Close an Investor Leads Program

Using an Accredited Investor Lead Program is a great way to build your investment business quickly and efficiently. Accredited investor leads are highly qualified, experienced investors who have completed thousands of private transactions and earned top ratings in the investment industry. These highly skilled professionals are ideally suited to give you the insight, education, and contacts necessary to grow your online business. They also offer a host of services that can assist you in managing the day-to-day operations of your lead generation system.


The Accredited Investor Lead program connects investors with qualified entrepreneurs looking for private equity and venture capital investments. Providing investment capital to companies registered with the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ( FINRA) investors help you achieve your revenue goals quickly and easily. In addition, through the investor leads, you will have access to companies that are ready to launch their online businesses and are eager to invest in your company.

In the past, investors acted as sole proprietors, acting as the sole funding source and taking all responsibility for capital raising and business operations. Since the advent of the internet and online capital raising opportunities, it has become increasingly difficult for an individual investor to raise capital. It has also become more difficult for a company to explore the online market to raise the money it needs. The result has been less capital raising and more limited opportunities for business growth. The goal of the Accredited Investor Lead Program is to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and businesses by providing entrepreneurs access to the capital they need through an Accredited Investor.

Through the Accredited Investor Lead Program, investors have access to thousands of companies ready to start their online businesses. They can act as a middle-man for these companies in brokering deals, getting involved in negotiations with brokers, funding, and providing general knowledge of operations. In addition, through the accredited investor program, investors have access to companies that are willing to bid on specific pre-con condos or other real estate investment properties. 

The first step is to contact some local real estate investors to see what they are interested in. For example, you can go to investor clubs or investment groups and talk with other investors about investing in pre-con condos. Alternatively, you can visit the websites of some large publicly traded real estate investment companies. Usually, these companies will list information about their investments, properties they are selling, contact information for their sales representatives, and sometimes details about their overall performance. Many of these websites also offer directories of independent real estate investors. For example, some of these directories include realtor databases from local markets.

When you contact investors about investing in pre-con condos through an investor leads program, you should provide them with detailed business plans for each project, financial projections, and information about your team. If you are serious about making a profit, you need to know the number of units you expect to sell over the project’s life. In addition, you should provide investors with copies of your credit reports or your business plan if you are self-financed.

Once you have identified potential investors, you should arrange a meeting with them. At this meeting, you can present the opportunity for investors to invest in pre-con units and discuss the details of the investment opportunities. It would be best to talk about your team and the business plan for the projects you are targeting. If you can, take the time to answer any questions the potential investors may have before you enter into negotiations for investing in pre-con units through an accredited investor leads program.

There are some final steps you will want to take to close a deal. If you have identified at least four investors, you will want to have a definitive “step-by-step” closing before selling the pre-con units. Your sales pitch should end with a formal thank-you note. This will ensure that you don’t forget any of the vital information you shared with the potential investors, and it gives the investors a chance to take their time before committing to your offer.